Brand Identit / 2020

The Mimic Museum is an ironic museum that collects plagiarism from around the world. It covers multiple areas, from graphic design to industrial design, from fashion to architecture. It finds them, collects them, then, expose them, and calls on the public to pay attention to intellectual property.

I deconstructed and reorganized the letter M to create four different processes and combined them to form a contemporary logomark. Indeed, we can all get the same answers by using different approaches no matter it's original or not. It seems like that design is easy, but is it?

Like deep pink and green, the design system is based on the strong contrast. It’s flexible to unify the brand’s presence. It can align all brand’s attributes with the modern look of printings, digital, and social platforms.

Poster Series

Exhibition Posters

Inspired by Plagiarius Award


All additional applications shown below are hypothetical

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